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Steve Johnson
Owner of CKO Kickboxing Fanwoodand NASM CPT. I began really looking at health and fitness about 2 ½ years ago as I had spent many years working behind a desk and really living an unhealthy life style. About 6mos before my 40th birthday, I remember thinking my father had his first heart attack at age 43, which eventually led to a heart transplant years later and I was heading for the same thing. At that time I began a journey of exercising regularly and eating healthier. I then found CKO Kickboxing in the summer of 2012 and quickly loved the workout. Wanting one closer to home I began to look into the franchise opportunities, which as I researched it started to look like it was actually possible. With a lot of work from both me and my partner, Samantha, CKO Fanwood opened up on June 8th of 2013. Since that time, I have fully dedicated myself to and even healthier lifestyle, including the best workout available. I am so happy to be able to bring this to Union County and the Fanwood NJ area.
Marissa Shoaf
BS Degree in Physical Education
AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification
CPR/AED Certification

Marissa has been in the fitness field and leading group exercise since her days as a college freshman in 1998. Her training and experience is remarkably broad. (The fact that she served as a personal trainer for the United States Marine Corps is just one example!) She has a deep passion for exercise and nutrition that she loves to share. You will find her sweet smile and encouraging optimism satisfyingly contagious. Come and try one of her classes! You will be glad you did!
Marek Gaslorek
After multiple failed attempts in weight loss, and pushing 250LBS, measuring 44 inch in waist, I was forced to join Fanwood CKO and tricked by my wife into locking myself into a year membership. My first class was brutal!!! 2 steps from passing out, crawling sideways and looking for an exit, I realized how out of shape I was. Then 1 month passed and I was getting compliments from my friends who noticed the changes in my body. My jeans were getting looser, my man-boobs were shrinking, and my keg (aka gut) dropped in volume!!!
After one year into my CKO journey, 50LBS lighter, and 10 inches slimmer, I realized that my personal success wasn't only due to my commitment and perseverance, but also due to the guardian angels breathing down my neck (trainers) in each CKO class. Those CKO trainers inspired, guided, pushed, and challenged me to pass my comfort zone and to reach my GOALS. I mentally hated and cursed them out each class, but then loved them for making me fit into those skinny jeans and slim fit Brooks Brother's shirts.
So here I am waiting to help you start on your journey. Whatever it may be; shrinking a bit or getting toned. Come on by and say Hi, Don't be Shy. Try a class or if you already a member, join me for some great workout. I'll make it intense and challenging. I'll even drop few jokes to make you work on your abs while you chuckle.
I'll see YOU in my class!!!
Robin Rolser
Robin discovered her love of fitness when she signed up for her first marathon after college. She discovered her obsession with kickboxing when she joined a kickboxing gym called Take It To The Max while living in Hoboken - little did she know that gym would become the fitness revolution that is CKO! She was thrilled when Steve opened the doors of CKO Fanwood and even more excited to be able to start teaching classes. Being a working mom, she knows how important an hour of your time is and is determined to give you the best workout possible while making sure you have a blast to keep you coming back for more!
Lori Sternberg
Kickboxing Instructor & Trainer
Education & Certification
Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, University of Georgia Prior to raising three children, I worked in economic development and local politics.
Certification: NASM Personal Trainer, ACE Group Ex, AFAA Group Ex, Scwinn Cycle, Fusion Indoor Cycling Instructor, Level 2, TRX, BOSU
Area of Specialization: Indoor Spin, Kickboxing, Running
Wellness Philosophy: I strive to set high goals for myself in both nutrition and fitness. I am very competitive (with myself as well as with others) and find that I am constantly trying to beat my goals and take it to the next level. Working towards any goal and reaching it can really boost your self-esteem, energy and mood. A little competition even within yourself can be healthy.
Personal Notables: I am a competitive runner placing in my age group and overall in 5ks,10ks, Trail Runs, Biatholons, and Obstacle Courses. I have played soccer with the Westfield Women's Soccer Team since it's inception in 2009 and enjoy boxing in my free time. I train with professional boxing coaches at Maximum Athletics Fight Club in Dunellen, NJ. My coaches there also trained Heavy Weight Champion Lenox Lewis. Prior to that, I was originally trained by Master Richard Naval at a martial arts studio in Davis, California.
Klaudia Bielecka
NASM Certified Personal Trainer/CPR AED Certified
I started off with three years of taekwondo, but I quickly learned that was more interested in the health and fitness aspect as compared to strictly martial arts.
Ever since then I have been personal training as well as instructing at CKO.
Whether you're having a bad day or a good day, when you come to my class I'll motivate you to give your 110%. There are no bad days when you step in to my class!
There's no better time than now to start sculpting your new body. I hope to see you soon!
Eugene Oppido
Kickboxing Instructor & Trainer
The only way to take your body to the next level is to take your workouts to the next level. I will constantly encourage you push a little harder and keep achieving new levels. I am a mix between a drill sergeant and a motivational speaker. No matter what you need in order keep pushing, you will get it in my class. I want to see you get results just as much as you do, so if you want a partner to help you get to your fitness goals, then come in and see me. I offer various types of 1 on 1 sessions depending on your specific goals. See you in one of my classes soon.
Eric Riedell
NASM Certified
Experienced with all fitness levels and ages
Specializing in fitness kickboxing, one-on-one pad work and the Functional Movement System.
Additional Aquakintics certification through NASM

My most recent fitness journey began about three years ago. Office work and inactivity led this former marathoner to find myself 35 pounds overweight and with a blood clot in my left calf. With doctor supervision I got myself moving again with CKO classes. It was fun, gave me confidence, and the pounds started to fade.
Since then I have received my certification and have worked with clients ranging from 14 to 89. Everyone can have health and fitness goals!
Workouts need to be consistent and progressive. And great music doesn't hurt!
Christine Mills
No biography is available yet for Christine Mills. Please contact us to learn more about this staff member.
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